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Hyperspace Colonization

It's a Strategic Sci-Fi Space Exploration Game published on Android smartphones with puzzle and roguelike elements.

You have to explore the universe with a colonial spaceship, gathering resources from celestial bodies, upgrading the ship and finding habitable planets to establish colonies. It's a quite difficult game but a complete tutorial explains everything.

Explore the Universe

You are driving a spaceship with few settlers and some resources on board. The solar system is our past, the immense starfield generated procedurally our future. Up to you to explore new star systems, planets and celestial bodies of all kinds to find a new home for humanity.

Hyperspace Colonization Collect From Colony

Not all the planets you will find are hospitable. From the smallest frost planets to the gaseous giants, from oceanic bodies with dense atmosphere to fertile lands. Every planet would be different!

Collect Resources

In addition you will need a lot of resources to establish a colony and to let settlers and vegetation survive. The resources will always be limited and you can obtain them with a mini-game based on the characteristics of the planets that you will found.

Hyperspace Colonization gif card gather resources

A grid of cards hides geographical areas of the planets, each zone has a specific pattern to be learned. Found all the cards of the scheme you obtain the resources of the area. But you have to be aware of the disasters you could find.

Collecting Resources Disaster on Gaseus Giant

Upgrade Your Spaceship

The spaceship is the house for your colonists and plant species. You have to upgrade every module in order to survive during the long travel from a star system to another.

screen module upgrade

Unlock new feature in order to reach new dangerous land and reduce the resources expense.

Colonize New Planets

Your ultimate goal is to expand the human empire colonizing new planets. Terraform new lands will be more or less difficult. Grow your colonies and make them indipendent.

Colonize Planet Cards

Great Tutorial

Follow a complete tutorial that explains every aspect of the game in a mini campaign.

Hyperspace Colonization tutorial

Can be paused and resumed, replayed and show everything with a visual clue.

Game Modes

Play with 4 different game modes (2 already available). Play in the "Unlimited" mode without restriction in time or challange time and score in "The Space Era". Play the "Survival" mode escaping a galactical disaster or bew the best colonial spaceship in the "Versus AI" mode.

Collect persistent rewards and unlock new feature as spaceship, new planets type, new game modes .

Create a Colossal Empire (or at last, try to survive) in Hyperspace Colonization!

Install instructions

It's an APK pakage, you should put this file in your Android phone memory and than, using a file manager installed on the phone, browse to the directory where you copied the file and click on it. If you get an error message during installation, you probably have to enable the "Unknown sources" in Settings -> Security or you can try the Google Play link instead.


Hyperspace Colonization 1.1 Release.apk 35 MB

Also available on


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Cool game! I love the concept, and its quite fun to play. Cant wait to see the "coming soon" features when they are ready.

As far as constructive criticism goes... It did crash on me a few times, but it saved the game and no progress was lost. It would be nice to see that worked out at some point.

The UI is a little bit confusing, but I figured it out. The tutorial was a little daunting, perhaps maybe too in depth. I found myself just clicking through.  Perhaps providing more info on the UI itself and less on the tutorial would help in both of these cases.

Oh one more thing on the tutorial, at the point where it says to hit the back button the arrow points at the button but on some devices like mine, the back button is on the other side. Just food for thought. 

I really enjoyed my experience and I hope my feedback is helpful in further development!


This game looks great, but make it compatible for windows so I can play!